Armory 0.94.0 Released

This is the first release under the new project lead Farhod. This release includes many significant changes which will break compatibility with previous versions. With the new lead developer, all new code is now released under the MIT license.

There will not be offline builds for this release, as nothing was modified on the offline signing part. 0.92-93 tcan still be used to sign transactions created with 0.94.

Notable Changes

  • New database format with a significantly smaller size and faster setup and startup
  • Detection and flagging of any transaction that could be replaced while unconfirmed. This includes spends from unconfirmed transactions and transactions signaling Opt-in RBF
  • Manual entropy through a deck of cards
  • Removal of any functionality that contacts a third party server for data. This means that there will no longer be announcements made through the software and no updates pushed through the software.
  • Removal of references to ATI (except for licensing) due to new lead developer

Full changelog


  • New database format: DB shrinked from 60GB to sub 200MB, >10x initial setup and startup speed.
  • New DB corruption detection and auto repair code. Bad block issues should be mostly gone.
  • Detection and GUI flagging of RBF enabled zero confirmation transactions.
  • Fixed ZC chain handling and replacement. All ZC spending ZC outputs are now flagged as replaceable, regardless of TxIn sequence or parent Tx state.
  • Added new GUI option to add additional entropy at wallet creation using a deck of cards.
  • After the change in lead, all new code is now developed under the MIT license (was AGPL3).


  • No more phone home code. There are no plans to reintroduce any code of that nature.
  • As a result, the announce tab code is gone.
  • No more torrent code. Seedboxes were hosted by ATI and are now down. Also, IBD improvements in Core 0.10-12 make this code obsolete.
  • As a result of the new light weight DB, the TxHint set has been shrinked to the bare minimum. This means Armory cannot resolve arbitrary TxHash to data in block anymore. The main symptom is the inability to resolve TxIn data in the “Transcation Details” dialog. This feature will be reintroduced as part of an intermediarry DB format inbetween fullnode and supernode.
  • No more supernode. Will be reintroduced in a later version.


Thank you to all the contributors:

and the testers:

Known bugs:

  • Will crash on new blocks if there is no wallet loaded
  • Sweeping doesn’t work
  • DB format is different from 0.93, do not use your default settings when upgrading (change the database folder using –dbdir=”someotherfolder”)

Will be fixed in 0.94.1, stay tuned


Written on March 27, 2016