Armory 0.96.4 Released

This release is a minor release introducing many bug fixes and some new features.

Full changelog


  • Updated fee estimate query from node to improve estimateSmartFee call introduced in Bitcoin Core 0.15.
  • The block confirmation target slider now spans from 2 to 100 blocks (previously 2 to 6).
  • You can now pick between 2 fee estimation profiles: conservative and economical. Refer to the estimateRawFee section of the Core 0.15 changelog for more information. A tooltip has been added to the GUI with a quick description.
  • If your node does not support the estimateSmartFee method, the code will fallback to the previous estimateFee method.
  • SegWit lockbox creation.
  • BCH lockbox spending.
  • Coin selection will now limit itself to change outputs when spending to external addresses you’ve spent to in the past.
  • You will receive a warning about privacy loss if coin selection fails to satisfy the previous condition.
  • Added the following CLI args:
    • Client side: –force-enable-segwit: when paired with –offline, allows the creation of SegWit types recipient addresses. –force-fcgi: forces the client to use FCGI socketing when connecting to a remote DB IP.
    • Server side: –listen-all: FCGI server will listen on :80 instead of


  • Fixed creating offline transactions that mix P2SH and P2PKH UTXOs.
  • Fixed importing wallets progress report and scan resolution in the GUI.
  • Fixed SegWit sighash data serialization with scripts of length > 256 bytes.
  • Fixed multiple RBF transaction bumping issues.
  • Fixed ledger based fee bumping.
  • Fixed RBF control dialog spawning.
  • Fixed node sync progress bar.
  • Fixed node status notification flicker during node sync.
  • Fixed fragment ID generation mismatching the fragment on backup when restoring non deterministic fragments. This fix only applies to fragments generated with versions 0.96.4 and later.
  • When in offline mode, the default signer option will now pick the proper signer for SegWit transactions.
  • Fixed –ram-usage control. –ram-usage=1 will no longer hang the DB during bootstrap scans.
  • As a result, –ram-usage defaults to 50 no instead of 4.
  • Fixed fee calculation when checking “MAX” with SegWit UTXOs
  • The Coin control dialog will no longer spawn invisible
  • When creating a fragmented backup, fragments will no longer be cycled unecessarily
  • Fixed imported address rendering in the Address Book dialog
  • The Transaction Info dialog will now display address comments in the comment field if there is no comment attached to the transaction itself
  • The Transaction Info dialog will now properly display fee/byte fee for unconfirmed transactions
  • The main transaction ledger will now display comments attached to outgoing addresses for each relevant transaction
  • Fixed selecting an arbitrary wallet file in the Recovery Tool dialog.


  • You cannot sign messages with P2SH addresses. This functionality never existed in Armory to begin with, as it did not produce single sig P2SH addresses prior to 0.96. It will be introduced in 0.97


  • You can now resize the Transaction Info dialog.


Thank you to all the contributors:


Written on April 20, 2018