Armory 0.96.5 Released

This release is a minor release introducing many bug fixes and some new features.

Full changelog


  • You can now set the database path from the Settings menu.
  • You can now spend to bech32 addresses.
  • Added support for satoshi-port CLI argument in ArmoryDB.
  • Break backwards compatibility for unsigned transactions carrying bech32 outputs. Older versions cannot make sense of bech32 addresses, therefore they shouldn’t be able to sign the transaction at all.


  • Improved bitcoind path detection.
  • Properly carry thread-count and ram-usage command line arguments from client to automated db process.
  • Custom paths set in the GUI will now properly overrule custom paths from armoryqt.conf.
  • Fixed spending from lockboxes.
  • Fixed deleting lockboxes.
  • Fixed Simulfund promissory note creation and signing.
  • Fixed preview dialog for unconfirmed transactions.
  • Fixed previewing unsigned transactions in offline mode.
  • Properly detect output script type when filtering UTXOs.
  • Use relevant config files with testnet/regtest modes.
  • Properly display bech32 address strings in transaction system tray notification.
  • Fix signing transactions with OP_RETURN outputs.
  • Fix passing satoshi-port argument through ArmoryQt to auto-managed ArmoryDB.

  • Fixed SecurePrint decryption on Windows.
  • Recent updates to the MSVC compiler resulted in invalid decryption of AES-CBC packets. This issue only affects the decryption of SecurePrint encrypted backups. Encryption still operates as expected, no SecurePrint backups created with the incriminated builds are faulty. Wallets are not affected, as they use AES-CFB.

    The solution was to turn off all optimizations in MSVC when buidling CryptoPP. This may impact DB boostrapping performance.

    This issue affects all Windows builds of 0.96.4.


  • You cannot sign messages with P2SH addresses. This functionality never existed in Armory to begin with, as it did not produce single signature P2SH addresses prior to 0.96. It will be introduced in 0.97.


  • You can now resize the Transaction Info dialog.


Thank you to all the contributors:


Written on December 23, 2018