Armory's future and the end of ATI involvement in Armory

Armory Technologies Incorporated has decided to discontinue the development of the open source Bitcoin Armory software. Development has instead been passed into the good hands of goatpig and the rest of the Bitcoin Community with no further support from ATI.

Bitcoin Armory will continue to be developed and maintained by @goatpig. Due to licensing issues, the next version of Armory, 0.94, will need to be rewritten from scratch. The following is the current plan:

1) 0.94 DB changes
2) BIP32/44 support
3) SegWit and RBF support (hopefully Im [goatpig] done with the new wallets before SegWit goes live on the mainnet)
4) Everything else


Any code written up to the 0.93.3 release is licesned under the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3 to Armory Technologies Incorporated. Following this change, any further code added to Armory will be licensed under the MIT License.

Written on February 4, 2016