Contributing to Armory can be done through submitting code via Pull Requests, reviewing code, and submitting bug reports.

Contribute and Review code

Fork the the source code, typically the dev branch, to a topic branch in your own repo. Write your patch and then submit a Pull Request. The code will be reviewed by other developers and the merged in by the project lead.

To review code, simply choose a Pull Request to review and read over the changes made by the PR. Leave comments if there is anything that you think should be different.

For ideas on what to contribute, take a look at the issue tracker and the Armory To-Do list

Contribute to the website

Like contributing to the project, you can also contribute to the website. Fork the gh-pages branch of the repo. Make your changes and submit a Pull Request.

For ideas on what to contribute, take a look at the Website To-Do list.

Report bugs

The project utilizes the issue tracker feature of github. If you find a bug in the software, submit a new issue to the issue tracker. Be sure to include the Armory logfile and replication instructions. If necessary, include Bitcoin Core’s debug.log file.


Armory and the Armory Website both will accept translations through Transifex. The Armory software translations can be contributed to the Armory Software Transifex. Website translations will be available soon.


Thank you to the following who have contributed to this project and the website